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Sweet Sean

April 28th 2016

Years ago I worked with Bryan and his sister Laurie.  I am happy to say that Laurie and I have kept in touch and she has even become a client of mine! 

Well, thanks to Laurie who helped Bryan orchestrate and arrange a surprise mothers day photo shoot as a gift for his long time love Chelsea for her first mothers day!   (all while Bryan had an emergency appendix surgery!!!)

On the day of the shoot Bryan surprised Chelsea and told her about her gift!  They showed up to the session prepared with a neutral blanket, toys and books for Sean and in perfectly coordinating outfits!!  I would have never guessed that Chelsea only had a couple hours to prepare!

They were completely easy going, open minded and naturals in front of the camera.  They were a dream to work with!  Even Sean was full of smiles, showing off his new teeth and clapping skills.

Bryan, Chelsea and Sean,  I loved every minute working with you and on your photos!  I can't wait to work with you again and watch Sean grow.

Kerry  x

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