New Year New Goal

February 10 2016

I love blogs. I love reading, I love writing and I love photographs. So let's give this a shot! This will be based around my photography mostly. My personal photography and my client sessions as well.

Because it is winter and only the beginning of a new year I have had the chance to focus on my own personal photography. Really working on what makes me happy as a photographer and artist. It just so happens that I have a pretty photogenic side kick who (so far) is easy to please. With the promise of some fruit snacks or a timbit I can coax him into standing for maybe 10 seconds in locations with pretty light.

I have also made somewhat of a new years resolution to bring my camera out more. To just try to remember to bring it with us. Even if we are only headed to the grocery store. I haven't been sticking to it 100% of the time. But I am always happy when I have remembered to bring it along on these everyday life 'adventures'.

Here are some of my favourites from this new year so far...

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