Free Life Story Session

March 21, 2016

Every year I like to do some sort of giveaway during late winter/early spring.  It's a slow time for photography and I begin to get anxious to get out there and create something.  So a giveaway always works out great!

This year I decided to give away a free 'Life Story Session.'  It's something new I am offering this year.  And I am super excited about these sessions because they are so relaxed!  Just families spending their day together while I document them.  I love seeing the beauty in people's everyday life.  The fact that these sessions are not posed in any way makes it so much more special for my clients because they will have real moments and memories captured!!

This past Saturday I spent some time with the contest winner Melissa and her beautiful family.  They were very welcoming and natural so I began photographing them right away.   I couldn't have dreamed of a better session.  This was exactly what I had hoped for when I envisioned a life story session!

To the L family, thank you for welcoming me into your day and your home.  I hope to work with you again in the future!

All the best,


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