Backyard Wedding

July 25th 2016

When I met Caroline and Josh for the first time I felt an instant connection.  They are easy to get along with, laid back and super friendly.  I knew after hearing their ideas for their wedding it was going to be a wedding I would LOVE.

Fast forward to their wedding day and "LOVE" cannot begin to explain it.  The whole day was so intimate.  Caroline and Josh were surrounded by incredibly close and supportive people.  All of their friends and family were very welcoming and a lot of the time I felt more like a guest than the photographer.

From the decorations to the music, food and sunset, everything was amazing!  It was a party like no other.  (I was even sent pictures of the party STILL going long after I left!)

Here is just a taste of what an amazing day it was.

Caroline and Josh,  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Kerry x

Hair - I Dare Your Hair

Make-Up - Jem Glamorganic Medical Spa

Music - Stiletto Fire

Catering - Smoke & Spice

Cake - Tiers of Joy

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