30 Minutes in the Life: March

March 28th 2019

Guys!  I am so excited!  Three very talented local photographers and I have joined together.  We all share something in common;  our love of offering documentary sessions to our clients and photographing our own families in an honest way.  We decided to put together a monthly blog to share the beauty we can find in just 30 minutes of everyday life.  In doing so, we hope to inspire other families around Windsor and Essex County to fall in love with documentary photography as well.

Personally what makes me so excited about this project is it has pushed me to create.  In this cold weather I tend to fall into a rut.  And everything feels blah...  Picking up my camera and looking at our life with a creative eye really made me realize there is beauty everywhere.  I just had to open my eyes and focus.

So, what did I decide to dedicate my first months blog to?  What is going on in our life right now.  (Almost on a daily basis.)  Our house is up for sale and that means a lot of showings.   This is my behind the scenes look at what its like to try and clean with a five year old, two dogs and two cats.  What we end up doing for that first 30 minutes of giving up our house right at dinner time.  :/

Kerry x

Make sure to click the link at the end of the post to see what Jenn from Barefoot Photography is up to!

Next up is the extremely talented Jenn from Barefoot Photography.  Click HERE to continue the loop!

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