30 Minutes in the Life: April

April 30th 2019

So as you know, three very talented local photographers and I have joined together.  And we share something in common; our love of offering documentary sessions to our clients and photographing our own families in an honest way. We decided to put together a monthly blog to share the beauty we can find in just 30 minutes of everyday life. In doing so, we hope to inspire other families around Windsor and Essex County to fall in love with documentary photography as well.

This month I had a hard time coming up with an idea of what to document.  We have so much going on, so there was not a lack of opportunities; Our son's birthday party, packing to move, get togethers with friends etc.  But I wanted to photograph more of our EVERYDAY, something I will want to look back on and remember about this time in our lives.

I chose to photograph our son's bedtime routine.  And since April is the month of his birthday, I made it a little extra special by documenting his last night of being 5. (The night before his birthday.)

What I love most about these photos is that it IS our routine right now.  Every night we go upstairs, brush teeth, wash face, get jammies on and then read.  (The past few months we have been reading a few pages of a Harry Potter book.  We are currently on the third book.)  After that either my husband or myself lie with our son until he falls to sleep.  And THAT is going to be something I KNOW I will miss some day.

Kerry x

Make sure to scroll all the way through and click the link to see what Michelle chose to document for her 30 minutes!

*  I know this is 2 for 2 that McDonalds has been in my monthly blog haha!  I swear we don't eat it everyday!!! It was the end of my son's birthday festivity weekend and he chose to have (what else but the one and only) McDonalds.  :/

Check out what the talented Michelle from Michelle Take Pictures is up to HERE.

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